Check Your Tire Pressure the Smart Way

By | February 22, 2017

Too many drivers never check their tire pressure. Low air in your tires means an increased risk for blowouts and less control of your vehicle while you’re driving. The good news is that anyone can do an easy auto maintenance task and check the tire pressure of their vehicle themselves.

Skip the Trip to the Car Repair Shop

The only thing you need to measure tire pressure is a tire pressure gauge. Many stores carry quality digital or stick-type gauges for no more than $15. To check the PSI (pounds per square inch), simply remove the end caps of the air valves and put your gauge into the air stem. If the PSI is above or below the recommended reading stated in your manual, you need to adjust the pressure of your tires.

Prevent Future Breakdowns

If you fail to keep track of your air pressure, you might find yourself in a shop for an expensive car repair. Leaking valve systems or hidden punctures consistently lower the pressure of tires no matter how often you fill them with air. If you notice this trend early, you can purchase new tires before a bad breakdown.

Take Control of Your Auto Repair

Anyone can learn how to maintain their vehicle without calling on a mechanic. Checking your tire pressure once a month is a great way to keep yourself safe while driving.