Is it Possible to Tow Trailers of Different Heights With the Same Hitch?

By | December 19, 2014

Many truck owners who want to tow a trailer have little foresight. They purchase the type of hitch they think will be most compatible with their truck and trailer and either install it or have it installed. Sadly, those same owners often purchase a second trailer later on. This may be a trailer that carries wave runners, it may be a horse trailer, or it may even be a dump-bed trailer. Because the height of trailers can vary, some find that their current hitch, while compatible with one trailer, is not height compatible with others.

It is possible to find hitch receivers that will fit the height requirement of each trailer that you decide to pull. A better solution to this problem, however, is an adjustable or drop hitch. By purchasing this type of hitch, many truck owners find that they are able to have an all-in-one hitch instead of needing to own one for each trailer they intend to pull.

There are many variations when it comes to this type of hitch. Some adjustable hitches have a range of 4inches of drop to 5 inches of rise while others have a larger range spanning a 10 inch drop and an 11 inch rise. Perhaps investing in a hitch with a larger height range will insure that no matter what you choose to tow, your hitch will never let you down.