Knowing Your Heater System

By | December 18, 2014

The propane and natural heating systems will burn much cleaner than an oil fuel system. There are much less of a chance of your gas furnace having system breakdowns over the oil fuel heating system, usually the only problems that come up with a gas furnace are electrical, the pilot light or the thermocouple. The thermocouple, reset button, gas valve and pilot light controls are usually housed in the front of the furnace. To be able to check the pilot light on your furnace there is usually an access door at the front of the heater. Some doors will have a small round viewing hole through the door so you can see that the pilot light is lit.

If you need to access the pilot burner, unlatch the door and it should drop down for a clear view of the pilot, thermocouple, reset button, gas valve and burner assembly. Some furnaces will also have a removable panel that covers the burner and pilot. The other component in your heating system you should be familiar with is where the gas shut off valve is located. If you ever smell gas around the heater, turn the valve off and leave a door open for ventilation. You will want to report the gas leak right away to the proper authorities. Now that you know where the basic components are located on your heater it also important to know when to have your heater serviced. Your heater should be serviced once a year by a licensed professional. This will keep your heater running efficiently and extend its life longer.