Maintaining And Servicing Your Air Conditioner

By | July 11, 2014

Summer is here and before those hot days set in it is time to have your annual checkup on your air conditioning unit. If you ignore the yearly inspection and cleaning, your A/C system will have a better chance of breaking down, stop working entirely or even worse, need replacement. The biggest problem that occurs in your air conditioning system is dirt. Dirt in your system will lower its efficiency to cool air, use more electricity than is required and wear parts at a faster rate. Another important service tip is to have the system lubricated and check the belt to see if it needs adjusting. Whatever type of air conditioning unit you have, you do not want to wait until those hot summers days are here and your A/C unit does not want to come on.

When your air conditioner is adjusted properly and clean it will save you money and extend the life of your system. A typical annual A/C service usually cost around $100.00 to perform which is much cheaper than having to replace it with a new air conditioner because of lack of maintenance and service. So do not wait until the hot weather hits and you are without a working air conditioner, have your A/C unit checked out and serviced to keep it running efficiently through the hot days approaching us.