Check Your Tire Pressure the Smart Way

Too many drivers never check their tire pressure. Low air in your tires means an increased risk for blowouts and less control of your vehicle while you’re driving. The good news is that anyone can do an easy auto maintenance task and check the tire pressure of their vehicle themselves. Skip the Trip to the… Read More »

How to Find a Great Ford Service Specialist

If you are the proud owner of a Ford vehicle, it’s important to think proactively about how to keep it properly maintained. Luckily, a Ford service establishment can help you do that. There are a couple of helpful ways you can find a skilled technician and begin a long-term working relationship with him or her.… Read More »

The Dune Buggy or Sand Rail?

Sand rails are also known as dune buggies by some enthusiasts, but in reality both names mean the same thing, a custom vehicle that can take on sand and dirt where regular vehicles cannot. A dune buggy can fall under a wide range of categories that come in many sizes and shapes. In many ways… Read More »

Knowing Your Heater System

The propane and natural heating systems will burn much cleaner than an oil fuel system. There are much less of a chance of your gas furnace having system breakdowns over the oil fuel heating system, usually the only problems that come up with a gas furnace are electrical, the pilot light or the thermocouple. The… Read More »

The 4 Basic Parts In Your Car’s AC System

The air conditioning system in your car has four basic parts, a compressor that is driven by the cars engine, two heat exchangers, the condenser and the evaporator. Then there is the refrigerant that flows through the system. Here is how the system works. The Freon is compressed, then flows through the condenser where it… Read More »

Maintaining And Servicing Your Air Conditioner

Summer is here and before those hot days set in it is time to have your annual checkup on your air conditioning unit. If you ignore the yearly inspection and cleaning, your A/C system will have a better chance of breaking down, stop working entirely or even worse, need replacement. The biggest problem that occurs… Read More »

Basic Car Brake Maintenance

If you have basic mechanic skills then doing your own brake inspection will not be as hard as it sounds (Unless you want a professional to do it. Find a local repair shop by searching online for something like Brake Repair San Diego) Your car brakes are made up of 5 main components. It consist… Read More »